Sunday, November 15, 2009


There are people in life that
Will laugh cheat and lie
And try try try
To pick you apart
As if it were art.

There is scum on the streets that
Will cry, bitch, and bleat
and beg beg beg
For a mouthful of meat
And they won't be discrete.

The priveleged have power that
Can organize every hour
Gone by by by
But those efforts will sour
On behalf of a flower
Or an orphan.

And I I I
I'll just sit and wonder why
What use it is to try
And be the nicest guy I can
When you don't seem to understand
That in the face of every poker hand
I'm still the stoic and sullen man
Thats never seen a girl as grand
As you.

Oh girl,
How can you think its so paltry
That I've born the yolk of society
And remained distinctly me?
How can it be so hard to see
The gold I seek is sincerity.
To be bold is sometimes no mercy.

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