Sunday, November 15, 2009

Coffee Caffeine Coke

Come on talk to me,
You never talk to me,
At least you never do
The way I want you to.

Come on look at me,
You see me looking at you,
And I guess our eyes meet,
But you're never looking back
The way I want you to.

Unrequited yeah,
Its fucked up but fair,
Feels fucked up to care
As much as I do.

Unrequited yeah,
I don't mean to stare,
I can't help but suck up to you.

Unrequited yeah,
You think I suck, thats fair,
I'll be a gift wrapped fuck up for you,
For you

For my first love
And my worst friend.
Am I aiming too high?
I'd be a fool not to try
Nah thats just a joke,
Girl yah make me sigh,
Disappointment makes me choke,
I know you cannot tell a lie
Until you get your coffee, caffeine, coke.

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