Thursday, September 24, 2009

My ISH Would Be ACE

Hey pretty baby
you ain't even gon' gimme
you're just so mean,
Let's dance!

Hey pretty baby
Those look like pretty tight pants!
Should you loosen your belt?
Let's dance!

Stand there, look at me,
Pretend I'm up to no good,
Hit me with a look
Hard as red teak wood,
Ya think I think every girl that dances
Wants me under their covers?
So far, so wrong about that
Those ain't my girls... they were lesbian lovers!

Hey pretty baby,
Think I'm a sexist pig?
Well so are you! The difference is...
You like rolled out abs,
And my belly's too big.
Come on, Gimme gimme gimme
Gimme a hard time 'bout that!
You're just scared, honey
You know I know I ain't fat,
But the Lord did tell me:
"A little paunch is where its at!"

Hey pretty baby,
I think I know what you want...
Long term honey!
And I ain't got a chance,
But whatever, YOU'RE FUNNY...
Come on!
Let's dance!

You read a book about crooks,
And thieves of the heart,
Ya didn't know you were a bandit?
Its just the sum of yr parts!
Now gimme gimme gimme gimme
A little hip swinging arc.
All this reading is gonna keep you mean,
All I know is dancing, and it keeps me clean
All the places I could take you: you've never been!
All the dancin' we could do, you know we'd bulldoze the scene.
Too bad you can only sieve the world through your rich girl screen.
Look at me, Look at me, Look at me, Look at me,
Just another satin bastard, with no color tv,
Mustachioed gringo, pale skin, and sweat like paste,
Well if I had a million dollars you know my ISH would be ACE.
-Charlie Maguire

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